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Grocery Aid Fresh Start - Graphics for the campaign

GroceryAid launch new campaign

GroceryAid has launched a new advertising campaign ‘We’re definitely buying that’ to promote the support services they offer.

The adverts focus on different grocery products to highlight solutions to issues that grocery workers commonly face. The range includes Fresh Start Cereals for debt advice, Soften Fabric Conditioner for counselling services, Relief Cream for crisis situations and Cope Drinking Chocolate for the charity’s new Workplace Critical Incident Support.

Commenting on the new direction Steve Barnes, Chief Executive at GroceryAid, said: “We wanted to build on our previous marketing campaign with a positive message about the support we can offer colleagues.  Awareness of the charity is growing but there are many colleagues who are not aware of how we can help them when they find themselves in difficulty.  We believe that flipping the focus of the campaign provides an engaging platform from which to do this.”

The campaign of press, digital adverts and social media activity is also being extended into posters which will be distributed to GroceryAid’s supporter companies to use in their internal communications programmes.  

Source: GroceryAid