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GroceryAid Traumatic Incident Support

GroceryAid offers free support to everyone who works within the grocery industry and one service available through the Helpline is Traumatic Incident Support.

The annual British Retail Crime Survey has revealed a worrying rise in the numbers of those working in retail who have been the victim of a crime. Thirteen shop staff are now injured every day due to violent crime, double that of last year.

The emotional impact caused by these crimes can understandably take its toll and have a damaging impact on individuals and their families. Whether you've been a victim yourself or witnessed a distressing event, you might find it helpful to talk to somebody.

Other events that can leave their mark include witnessing a serious car accident or somebody being taken ill. Less obvious ones but with equal impact are bereavement, the breakdown of a relationship, or being made redundant.

They also offer a post incident support questionnaire that aims to help gain a fuller understanding of a person's current emotional state and needs.

Source: GroceryAid