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GroceryAid working with Macmillan

GroceryAid know that a crisis can happen at any time in your life. When you are least expecting it, things can happen that knock you off course physically, mentally and financially.

One issue that impacts thousands of families each year is breast cancer. October marked Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the charity used the opportunity to share information about their partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support and the help available to grocery colleagues who have been affected.

GroceryAid works with Macmillan to help people across the grocery industry who are suffering from cancer, helping to alleviate the financial stresses they may face. Macmillan is amongst the charity’s most frequent referral partners, with GroceryAid receiving on average three applications every week.

“Thank you so much for all the grants that you have awarded our patients. You make the process so easy for people who are unwell, and we really appreciate your generosity and wonderful customer service,” says Jennifer Salmon, Grants Partnerships & Volunteers Team Leader at Macmillan Cancer Support

Source: GroceryAid