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Guest brings cannonballs to civil war talk

The Battle of Southam on 23rd August 1642 was the first major skirmish of the English Civil War. Linda Doyle, an expert on the battle, gave a talk, raising funds for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI).

Linda Doyle spoke to a packed village hall in Warwickshire about the Battle of Southam and raised £600 for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution in the process.

The Battle of Southam was one of the first battles of the English Civil Wars, and is thought to be the 'warm up' to the battle of Edgehill. The battle took place the day after King Charles I declared war on Parliament and the wars that followed altered the British way of life and governance forever.

Linda is an expert on the subject, having written 'The Battle of Southam 1642'. She gave a presentation on the historical event and held a question and answer session for the 70 guests who squeezed into the Eathorpe and Wappenbury Village Hall. Linda was joined by her daughter, Soldier Jenny Daniels, who illustrated the discussion in a civil war cavalry outfit, complete with musket and sword.

One of the guests made an interesting contribution to the event by bringing along some antique cannonballs, which they had dug up on their farm.

Source: Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution