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Hospitality Action Suicide Awareness  - Hospitality Action Suicide Awareness

Hospitality Action launch suicide awareness campaign

The hospitality industry’s charity launched a new campaign to coincide with World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2019.

On World Mental Health Day 2019 the charity launched a call for people to talk more about suicide to raise awareness of the many people taking their own lives in their industry, stating “the only way we’re going to stop it, is if we can talk about it.”

The charity called on the industry to learn how to talk about their mental health problems, sharing stories of those who have been affected by poor mental health and who had committed suicide. The campaign aims to equip the industry with the skills to talk about, and participate in, conversations about mental health and thoughts of self-harm.

As a part of the campaign, the charity launched two new resources to help support hospitality people to have conversations that were previously considered taboo. This includes a downloadable help sheet on their website designed to help spot the signs and behaviours in yourself or others that may point towards suicidal tendencies. It’s also there to give people the confidence to get involved in conversations about a very difficult issue, and to allay your fears of saying the wrong thing or avoiding the conversation all together. Being able to talk about suicidal thoughts with a friend or colleague could save their life. There's also an additional resource to manage employees at risk of self-harm or suicide, where the charity will provide a specialist clinical referral service so people can swiftly transfer the care requirements of the employee to a qualified clinician.

The charity is also running a Suicide Awareness course for managers, HR teams and health and safety specialists to discuss the nature of suicidal thoughts and behaviour, understand the human responses to facing this and explore best practice for support. It will help prepare managers to respond to calls for help from colleagues experiencing a mental health problem and take their suicide awareness to the next level so they can support colleagues, signpost them to appropriate help and safeguard their own mental wellbeing in the process.

Source: Hospitality Action