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HMUK partnership with Association of British Orchestras

The new strategic pairing will see HMUK become the inaugural charity partner of ABO by continuing its support at future ABO events in Manchester next year and London in 2021. HMUK will also support the ABO's professional development programmes, created for ambitious managers and musicians in the sector to drive their own knowledge, skills and profile.

HMUK will invest in the ABO programme to improve accessibility, cultivate greater diversity and inspire a new generation of diverse leaders. The leadership development programmes offer emerging figureheads the opportunity to discover their long-term potential with mentoring from orchestra CEOs and senior managers in the sector.

As part of an ongoing commitment to ensure musicians are supported throughout their careers and lives, HMUK will also undertake research into the “future of classical music careers in the 21st Century” as part of an evaluation of its historic Postgraduate Awards. The awards offer support to students who wish to complete their studies at the leading UK conservatoires and performing arts colleges.

ABO’s members will be crucial in shaping this research, which will explore how the charity can best support future generations of emerging talented professionals to have a sustainable career in classical music.

Source: Help Musicians UK