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Cranfield Trust HRNet - Group of employees sitting around table with drawing of HR themes
Last updated May 2019

HR Net

HRNet provides an HR lifeline to charities and social enterprises without the expense. It offers specific advice as well as a fortnightly briefing on employment issues. Joining HRNet is free for any registered charity or other formally constituted non-profit with a charitable purpose.

Many small to medium-sized charities do not have an HR professional within their team, but they may need to manage complex employment situations while complying with employment legislation. The Cranfield Trust's HRNet is a forum where other members and Cranfield Trust can help provide advice and guidance to your questions..

While their management consultancy is restricted to addressing issues of poverty, disability or social exclusion, HRNet is available to any registered charity or non-profit organisation, regardless of cause.

Once you have registered online, you will benefit from: 

  • A regular email newsletter with up-to-date information on employment legislation and practice.
  • Shared experience of employment issues with other voluntary organisations.
  • Answers to specific employment questions from independent HR professionals.
  • An information archive of employment information, guidance, and good practice.
  • Access to 1000's of model HR documents, including ones that are GDPR compliant.

Please note: Due to differences in employment law, HRNet is only available in England and Wales.

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