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Last updated March 2021

HSF Health Plan

Healthcare plans company

Hospital Saturday Fund - Hospital Saturday Fund Logo

HSF health plan is the trading company of the charity, The Hospital Saturday Fund. It is designed to help employees cover the costs of their everyday health care expenses like dental fees, glasses and contact lenses. A unique feature of HSF health plan is that partners and dependent children may join at no additional cost.

HSF health plan also covers a wide range of health benefits. These include hospital admissions, physiotherapy and a number of complementary treatments, specialist and investigations (including allergy testing) personal injury, and even eye laser surgery. Schemes can be run on a voluntary, part-funded, fully-funded basis, or as part of a flexible benefits package.

HSF health plan also provides HSF Assist, an Employee Assistance Programme as part of the standard health cash plan.

Our URL is: for the UK and for Ireland

Company Brochure

Icon HSF Corporate Brochure

General Information

Information brochure on the services provided by HSF Health Plan

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