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Elevate Podcast - Image from  Wisebuddah, evidence-based health and wellbeing service Elevate Music

Help Musicians UK launch podcast

Help Musicians UK, alongside content company Wisebuddah and health and wellbeing service Elevate Music, has launched a new podcast to support musicians in their careers.

Launched on the 15th July, the Elevate Music Podcast aims to educate and inform musicians about the common wellbeing and health issues they may face, equipping them with the tools they need to manage and prevent problems when developing their careers. 

The podcast focuses on a range of different themes, including mental and vocal health, hearing problems, stage fright, drugs and alcohol, social media, the challenge of touring and many more.  Each episode will feature the voices of relevant experts and well-known artists. Resources and links will be listed in the notes below the podcast and there will be signposting for further support. It aims to become a timeless resource that musicians can access whenever they need help. 

Claire Gevaux, Director of Programme at Help Musicians, said: "Help Musicians has supported musicians for nearly 100 years. Our Health & Welfare team are on the frontline supporting thousands of individuals every year and we know that the nature of a musician's life can be precarious, with many complex challenges that can leave them uniquely vulnerable. There is a clear need among musicians of all ages and career stages for a resource such as this and we are delighted to collaborate with Wisebuddah and Lucy Heyman to co-curate this podcast series. We hope it will bring insight and expertise and help bridge the current gap in the provision of knowledge and resources for popular musicians."

Source: Help Musicians UK