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How did Turn2us help Janet?

Janet was working as a journalist before she suddenly had to stop. Turn2Us tells her story and about how their assistance helped her and her family.

Janet had a successful career as a journalist before a difficult family circumstance left her just about getting by. "As a single parent, things can be tricky as it is. I gave birth to twins a few years ago and also have an older child with complex needs. Due to a difficult birth and one of the twins needing intensive care, childcare was completely unaffordable so I had to stop working. It was really tough.

“Government support was really meagre and although friends were morally supportive, many of them had their own lives and children to be getting on with. I remember walking around my small flat in the evenings trying to comfort two young babies whilst cooking for my six year-old autistic son on a small cooker with just one working ring. Even the simplest of meals became complicated and stressful. We were at the stage where if any of our white goods had packed up we wouldn’t have been able to cope. It was horrific!"

Stress started to mount on Janet and it was at this point that she reached out to Turn2us for some guidance on what support she was eligible for. Janet received a grant of £1,000 for living costs, as well as £400 for a cooker and £220 for a new fridge.

"The relationship between my financial and mental wellbeing was so closely linked. Looking back on some of those experiences, I am not sure of how I did it. I had never asked or even thought of asking for that support before, so it was definitely a big step. I plan to work in the future and having these basics now covered in my home has lifted so much stress and anxiety."

Source: Turn2Us