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IET Connect rebrand as Foothold

The charity supporting members of the Institution of Engineering and Technology has rebranded with a new name, new look and website, and new services.

The charity has been supporting IET members and their families since 1890. In wanting to learn how they could do more, the charity consulted with their beneficiaries and found they believed there was not enough support out there for day-to-day problems, let alone a crisis.

From this came Foothold, as the charity aimed to increase the wellbeing of engineers and their families worldwide. In listening to what beneficiaries had been saying, as well as developing a new look and new name the charity this year is focusing on providing more support for people in work and those considering retirement, and going digital with their legal support.

In various studies as IET Connect the charity found they weren’t at the front of people’s minds. IET Connect commissioned many research pieces, and each year people responded, ‘we don’t know who are and we don’t know what you do.’ This year they interviewed key stakeholders and commissioned a survey, and people responded that the charity could be doing a lot more to help them and do a lot more to remove barriers that prevent people from asking for help. A big barrier was the name – so they developed a new one that speaks to their community.

Source: Foothold