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ISM Members’ Fund physiotherapy  - ISM Members’ Fund physiotherapy

ISM Members’ Fund starts physiotherapy service

Musicians’ charity ISM Members’ Fund has launched a new pilot physiotherapy service as part of new health and wellbeing services for musicians.

The physiotherapy service, which is in partnership with Physio Med, is the first service of its kind offered on this scale in the music sector. The treatment as part of the service will include both self-management, which includes a detailed treatment plan of exercises to undertake at home; and face-to-face sessions at a physiotherapy practice close to home.

In a survey earlier this year, ISM’s members reported that mental health, musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions and hearing impairment were the three biggest medical challenges they faced that prevented them from working. The ISM Members’ Fund has already introduced a face-to-face counselling service earlier this year and this new service will enable members who have suffered an injury to access physiotherapy.

Deborah Annetts, Chief Executive of the Incorporated Society of Musicians said: “Responding to the ever-changing nature and needs of the music sector is of paramount importance to the ISM. Over the past year, the ISM Members’ Fund, the ISM’s sister charity, has developed and expanded the range of specialist support we offer to members for their health and wellbeing. The freelance and self-employed nature of musicians means that suffering an injury or MSK condition which prevents their ability to work can have a devastating impact on their wellbeing. Providing fast access to physiotherapy to help them get back on their feet is vital, which is why we are pleased to launch our new physiotherapy service with Physio Med. This is first time this kind of innovative service has been offered on this scale in the music sector and we hope it is transformative for our members suffering from any kind of injury or MSK condition.”

Source: ISM Members’ Fund