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Independent Age launch storytelling project

Older person’s charity Independent Age is working with Atlas of the Future to create a new storytelling project AgeFutures to map those transforming the lives of older people and innovating around aging well.

They are exploring how our agency and sense of belonging, our participation in our local community and the causes that matter to us, and our purpose and fulfilment change with the decades. Who are the social innovators, and what are the impactful projects making a difference to our emotional wellbeing in later life?

While innovation in ageing often focuses on health-related or care issues, other critical things that can help us flourish in later life are often under-explored and lagging behind in development and investment. This project showcases the work of innovators, community organisers and social leaders, of all ages, as they enhance power and control, expand purpose and meaning and enable social connections for older people.

Artist or activist, technologist or teacher, maker or mentor: AgeFutures is looking for inspiration from all across the globe, and in all areas of human activity and creativity, to tell a different story of what it means to be #stillthefuture from our sixth decade on.

They’ve already mapped initiatives from Greenland to the Amazon, and now they want to raise the profile and voices of older people and innovators from across the generations who have real, creative and future-focused solutions to emotional wellbeing for older people.

Source: Atlas of the Future