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Institute of Quarrying Benevolent Fund tackles loneliness in lockdown

In an effort to tackle loneliness in lockdown, the Institute of Quarrying Benevolent Fund (IQBF) has launched a series of virtual coffee morning events.

The Mental Health Foundation reported in one of its latest surveys that one in four adults (24%) in the UK is experiencing loneliness. The virtual coffee morning initiative from IQBF is part of its ongoing programme of support available to members and their families.

Wanda Zablocki is the Welfare Officer for the IQBF. She explains: “As part of our drive to reach out to members, former members, retired members and their families who may be in need of support in times of difficulty, we sent out a personalised letter to remind people of the support available through the IQ Benevolent Fund.

“It transpired that there was a small group of ladies whose husbands had passed away and who really appreciated a regular phone call. In an effort to provide them with a support group, we organised a virtual coffee morning over Zoom and sent a hamper, complete with tea, coffee and sweet treats, in the post.

“It was so lovely listening to their stories from past IQ dinner dances, discussions about their husbands and the industry, as well as general chat about how they are coping in lockdown.”

As a result of the success from the first virtual coffee morning, IQBF has also arranged virtual coffee mornings for a group of former presidents and retired members. The feedback received from attendees of these events, as well as those who received the letter, has been overwhelmingly positive.

James Thorne, IQ CEO, adds: “We are delighted that the launch of our virtual coffee mornings has been well-received, which is why we’re making these a regular occurrence. Being an IQ member not only supports you throughout your career but through the IQ Benevolent Fund, we can support you throughout your life.”

Source: Institute of Quarrying Benevolent Fund