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Last updated October 2016

Investec Wealth & Investment

Investment Management Company

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Investec Wealth & Investment is significant in size, whilst retaining a clear commitment to dealing with each client on a personal and individual basis. We manage funds for over 1100 charities across the UK in a variety of sectors including schools and universities, hospices and NHS trusts, military, religious, animal and children’s charities.

The Investec Wealth & Investment specialist Charities Team is made up of nine investment managers who, on average, have been with the firm for 13 years. We believe it is important that the person who manages the money develops an on-going relationship with the client in order to truly understand their unique needs. From there, we develop bespoke portfolios for each client and manage them in accordance with their objectives, ethical preferences and needs.

Our performance has been consistently strong. We have out-performed the industry benchmark, the WM, in 14 of the last 17 years and we have done so by actively managing assets with our research-based approach and a liberal dose of common sense.

Throughout the year we run educational seminars, roundtable discussions and provide charities with a newsletter highlighting changes in markets and the charity sector.

For more information please call 0207 597 1250