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Last updated September 2018

James Hambro & Partners

A boutique investment specialist with a reputation for delivering strong performance for charities

James Hambro New Logo-Aug 2018 - James Hambro New Logo-Aug 2018

We aim to preserve capital through well-managed investments that reflect your unique ethical and income needs. The idea of partnership is fundamental both to our own organisation and to how we work with our clients, which is why we give you direct access to the experts who look after your money. Experts who have significant charity experience, both managing charity portfolios and, for many of the team, first-hand as trustees of national charities.

Our methodology works: As at 30 September 2016, as measured against the ARC Sterling Steady Growth Charity Index and the ARC Sterling Balanced Charity Index our corresponding charity clients have consistently outperformed on an annualised basis.

For more information please contact us on: 0203 817 3446

“The value of an investment and the income from it may go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. This may be partly the result of exchange rate fluctuations in investment which have an exposure to foreign currencies. The portfolio may invest parts of its assets in other funds for which investment decisions are made independently of the portfolio manager. Fluctuations in interest rates may affect the value of your investment. The levels of taxation and reliefs may change and the value of tax reliefs depends on individual circumstances.”