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Last updated April 2017

Financial and Lifestyle Planning

Our workshops support individuals at key life stages during their careers and enable them to take control of their financial and lifestyle decisions.

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We offer two sets of workshops based on extensive experience:
  • Retirement Planning Workshops which cover the challenges of lifestyle planning and finance in order to enjoy and make the most of 20-25 years of retirement
  • Financial Education Workshops which provide general financial education for younger people and more advanced financial planning at key points later in their careers

The outcomes are knowledge, understanding and plans which enhance their wellbeing today, prevent problems in the future and assist them to plan an enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Member Wellbeing – A pro-active approach

We have been working in partnership with a number of Benevolent Funds to offer wellbeing and personal development support, based on the above workshops, to members. This is part of a new imaginative and preventative approach which demonstrates the Benevolent Funds’ wish to support more members, not just those in hardship.

More about the workshops 

The workshops are provided by two specialist teams, LaterLife and Money at Work, both with extensive experience of delivering workshops all around the UK. Both are part of Jelf Employee Benefits.

To enquire please email: or call 01189 880188        

Retirement Planning
These days when we retire we have hopefully 20-25 years of good active life ahead of us and suddenly 40-50 hours of extra leisure time each week, on top of previous leisure time. Deciding how to use that in a way that is both enjoyable and fulfilling is a huge challenge.

Our open workshops (run at 45 locations around the UK) and in-house workshops, cover both retirement lifestyle and associated finances. The exercises and discussions assist delegates to identify what is important to them personally and to identify the actions they need to take to ensure they enjoy and make the most of their retirement.
For more information visit:

Financial Education
We believe that financial education is vital for everyone. We help individuals learn how to be better with money so that they are less stressed and their wellbeing is improved. This means that they will be more focused and engaged at work.

Our courses are designed to help individuals learn new skills and ideas about how to manage their money better and create their own financial plan. We don’t just throw information at them, we help them to understand the different areas of their finances, how to tackle their problems and what decisions they need to make.
For more information visit:

Documents to view & download

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General Information

Information about the Financial and Lifestyle Planning workshops

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