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LionHeart 2018 Impact Report published

LionHeart has published its latest Impact Report showing how the charity has grown and helped more people than ever before over the last five years.

Reflecting on the organisation’s year, CEO Davina Goodchild said: “Each year when we start planning our Impact Report we wonder how we can best illustrate the amazing work done by the LionHeart team, and how that work is having an incredible impact on the RICS professionals we support every year. “We know what we do makes a real difference to people when they need it most, because they tell us so: over 95% of the people we helped last year told us they felt more able to move on with their lives after a period of support, whether that was financial help, employment support or counselling.

“As well as that incredible feedback, more than six in 10 were able to point to at least one practical, concrete difference LionHeart had made to their situation – things like being able to keep their job or their home after some kind of crisis or serious health problem. Many were able to secure a new job after receiving specialist employment support through us; others saved their relationship or had help to resolve a legal issue.”

Over the last five years LionHeart has seen an unprecedented growth in services and reach. In 2017-18, we helped 198% more people than we did in 2013-14 – partly because we’ve worked hard to expand the different ways we can support RICS professionals and their loved ones through tough times.

Davina Goodchild added: “When we send out our Impact Report we ask RICS professionals to consider making a donation to support our work, and we are very grateful to the tens of thousands of you who choose to do so every year. These donations are spent on providing expert support to people just like you, at those times in their lives when they need it most.”

Read Lionheart - Impact Report 2018