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Time to Talk Day - Time to Talk Day

LionHeart Time to Talk Day Events

LionHeart is planning a programme of online sessions this Time to Talk Day on Thursday February 4th, which aim to get people thinking about the subject of mental health and highlight the importance of talking.

2020 was a difficult year for everyone and the months of increased isolation, uncertainty and anxiety may well have had an impact on many people’s mental health. As we start 2021, it seems clear that the uncertainty is set to continue for some time yet so, while we tackle the threat to our physical health in the shape of the coronavirus pandemic, the issue of mental health must also stay high on the agenda.  

The theme of the day is “The power of small”, with the underlying message that even the smallest of conversations about how we’re feeling has the power to make a big, or even life-saving, difference.

Attendees will also have the chance to submit questions to our panels either in advance or on the day - these can also be submitted anonymously if preferred.

Jo Grant said: “We hope this day of events will help people feel more comfortable when it comes to having open conversations on mental health and its impact on our lives. There’s not a single person who won’t have felt the effects of coronavirus in recent months, including some who may have experienced a real decline in their mental health.  

“We look forward to giving the RICS community a safe space to think about this important subject, as well as reminding them of all the professional support they have available to them through LionHeart.”  

Source: LionHeart