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M/V Derbyshire memorial

Merchant Navy Welfare Board Chairman Capt. Andrew Cassels and Chief Executive Peter Tomlin, attended the Derbyshire Family Association memorial service at the Liverpool Parish Church in September, remembering the 38th year following the sinking of the M/V Derbyshire and the loss of all 44 lives on board.

An emotional service was followed by the dedication of the memorial garden and sculpture, which appropriately overlooks the Mersey. Amongst others, the Reverend Peter McGrath gave a moving speech reminding the 400-strong congregation that for each of the 44 lives lost, there are sons, daughters, wives, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers that are still mourning the loss of their loved ones.

Lord Prescott of Kingston-upon-Hull spoke of the importance of properly investigating incidents so that the causes can be understood, and lessons learned. It is without doubt that many incidents have been prevented following the implementation of the 22 recommendations that resulted from the re-opened formal investigation into the loss of the M/V Derbyshire.

Watch a full documentary about the sinking of the M/V Derbyshire:

Source: Merchant Navy Welfare Board