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Masonic Charitable Foundation supports older LGBTQ+ people

London Freemasons, through the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF), have given £15,000 to Opening Doors London – a charity dedicated to supporting older isolated LGBTQ+ people.

Opening Doors London supports over 2,000 beneficiaries per year with services such as befriending, specialist support groups and information events – this grant will allow the charity to increase their capacity to meet a rise in demand.

Since lockdown began, enquiries for support have increased by 270% from members feeling more lonely or socially-isolated.

Opening Doors London has responded to the need by adapting their services to include telephone and video call befriending, virtual social groups on Zoom, and has developed a range of online training for professionals.

Of LGBTQ+ people supported, 65% reported feeling less isolated and with improved health and wellbeing, thanks to the support received from Opening Doors London.

Source: Masonic Charitable Foundation