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R.A.B.I. - Graphics from the R.A.B.I.

Member Spotlight: R.A.B.I

The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (R.A.B.I) is agriculture’s oldest and largest charity, providing welfare advice, practical care and financial support to the farming community. Assistance is given to farmers, farmworkers, wives, widows and dependants of all ages.

Most of the help provided is financial, but the 159-year-old organisation doesn’t just send out cheques in the post. Support is tailored to suit individual need, with staff regularly liaising with other groups and agencies on someone’s behalf.

The charity’s patron is HM The Queen and the president is HRH The Duke of Gloucester. The organisation is governed by a council of 12 voluntary trustees whose role and remit is set out in By-Laws and a Royal Charter. Trustees have overall responsibility for decision-making, but day-to-day work is carried out by a team of full and part-time staff led by CEO Alicia Chivers. R.A.B.I’s administrative office is in Oxford but many staff, particularly regional managers and welfare officers, are based across England and Wales.

Every year more working people are turning to R.A.B.I for help and their problems are rarely of their own making. Extreme weather, physical and mental illness, accidents, animal disease, family issues, personal debt, housing issues and cash flow concerns are just some of the reasons why people seek the charity’s help. Often problems can quickly spiral out of control, but sometimes all it takes is a small amount of support at the right time to get things back on track.  For example, R.A.B.I has provided huge amounts of support to those affected by recent flooding across the UK.

Support for sick, elderly and disabled people is also provided in various ways such as regular living allowances, funding for disability equipment, or grants for home help costs or care home costs. The charity owns and runs two residential care homes of its own, Beaufort House in Burnham-on-Sea and Manson House in Bury St Edmunds.

R.A.B.I’s work is funded by income from legacies and investments, public donations and money raised at events arranged by county committees, regional managers, businesses and community groups. The charity has more than 50 county committees who work at a grass roots level to raise both funds and awareness. Committees, and the hundreds of dedicated volunteers who serve on them, are the lifeblood of R.A.B.I

To find out more about R.A.B.I call 0808 281 9490 or visit their website