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Member Spotlight: Royal Opera House Benevolent Fund

The Royal Opera House Benevolent Fund assists all past and present employees of the Royal Opera House and Birmingham Royal Ballet. 

How do we help?

The Fund provides confidential advice, emotional support and financial assistance. Help is provided for a wide range of things including:

  • A monthly allowance 
  • An interest-free loan 
  • An emergency grant
  • A one-off grant towards essential house maintenance or domestic equipment
  • Occupational Health and wellbeing services at the Royal Opera House and Birmingham Royal Ballet

How does the benevolent fund work?

Each case is treated in complete confidence and assessed on its own merits. Applicants make a confidential application along with a statement of income and expenditure. The Trustees consider each case carefully according to an approved set of guidelines designed to ensure consistency with the help they provide. We know that sometimes people are understandably reluctant to ask for help, so the Benevolent Fund is happy to receive confidential initial approaches from friends or colleagues.

Who can use this service?

  • Any Royal Opera House or Birmingham Royal Ballet employee or worker, past or present. 
  • Spouses, partners, widows, widowers, children, parents or dependents of staff or former staff. 
  • Any UK registered charities or organisations (or any individuals who is or has been employed in such companies) involved with opera, ballet or music, who provide education, health or financial assistance. 

Confidential email

Talk to the team: T 020 7212 9128 Visit the ROH website to find out more