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Million Mile Walking Challenge - Graphics for The Charity for Civil Servants campaign

Million Mile Walking Challenge

The Charity for Civil Servants is getting the Civil Service community moving by asking them to walk one million miles in just 50 days.

Between 13 May and 1 July they are challenging people to increase their step count to 10,000 steps a day in order to fulfil this goal. The charity are encouraging people to team up and get involved to complete the challenge to get fitter, improve their wellbeing, while also raising money for the charity.

They are providing a daily online calendar and dedicated website for participants to allow those involved to track their progress and achieve virtual milestone badges when they reach a certain step count. They are also holding a walking challenge celebration to recognise the achievements of their top walkers.

One participant stated the challenge “made a huge difference to my mental health. Getting out in the fresh air and having time to gather my thoughts has been so relaxing."

Source: The Charity for Civil Servants