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MyDonate fundraising platform to close

BT has announced that it will close its online fundraising platform, MyDonate, at the end of June. The company will instead focus its community investments and building on its national educational Barefoot programme, which had now reached two million schoolchildren across the UK.

When it was launched by BT in 2011, MyDonate was the first commission-free fundraising service. However, BT said this morning that fundraising technology had moved on significantly and many other fundraising platforms were now available for people and charities to use, several of which were also commission free.

MyDonate launched in 2011 and  there are about 12,000 charities registered, of which around 7,000 have received donations in the past six months.

Sunday 30th June 2019 is the last day that donations can be made via the site and funds will reach charities within 30 days.   

Visit the MyDonate website