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NCC Benevolent Fund Helpline - NCC Benevolent Fund Helpline

NCC Benevolent Fund Trial Helpline

The National Caravan Council Benevolent Fund announced the launch of a new trial to support the mental health and wellbeing of employees (past and present) across their industry on World Mental Health Day 2019.

They are inviting organisations to register their interest to take part in the trial, which will be available from December 2019.  

Mental health is the leading reason for absence from work, with over 15 million working days a year in the UK lost to mental health problems. Research also shows that 45% of people will make up an alternative reason for work absence rather than report a mental health issue to their employer.

The charity claims a growing need for employers to put mental health provisions in place to protect and care for their employees, from raising awareness to putting providing practical resources to support employees who have come to them with a mental health issue.

The charity believed the introduction of the free, confidential 24/7 helpline will ensure that employees are fit for work and life. Initially, this will be a trial service open to a selected number of organisations that represent the sectors across the industry.

The service will provide a listening service and further counselling if required, it will also provide financial, legal and family advice. Each call will be answered by a registered counsellor who will be able to provide support from the moment that they receive the call.  

Source: NCC Benevolent Fund