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New Focus of Grant Making Strategy

The Trustees of The Hampstead Wells and Campden Trust have recently undertaken a review of its grant making policies and procedures. The main remit of the Trust is poverty alleviation, and the charity wants to ensure that all grant making is compatible with that remit. As a result there will be changes in some of the activities funded.

For the next few years the Trust will be awarding grants to reinforce the alleviation of poverty generally in the Trust’s Area of Benefit with a particular interest in receiving applications which assist people with debt problems and/or for homeless people. That might include work which offers services to homeless people directly, or which tackles homelessness in some broader way.

The charity will be putting in place the following measures to assist the Trustees in implementing their new Grant Making Strategy:

  • A review of agencies which have been receiving grants for over three or more consecutive years.
  • A review of all new Trust pensioners once they have been in receipt of a Trust pension for 3 years.
  • Allocating a finite sum to holiday play schemes with much earlier deadlines for applications i.e. well before such schemes are due to start.

Source: The Hampstead Wells and Campden Trust