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Last updated May 2021

Guest Articles

Articles written by our charity and corporate members on important topics of the day.


  • Parliament - Parliament
    haysmacintyre - Charities Bill 2021

    In the Queen’s Speech in May 2021, key changes to the Charities Bill were announced based on the 2017 Law Commission review of technical issues relevant to Charity Law. It has been a long time coming, but on 22 March 2021 the Government published its responses to the Law Commission’s report and has accepted the majority of the recommendations. For those charities that hold permanent endowment funds, there are some key changes to note.

  • Newspape - Newspaper
    Member Spotlight - NewstrAid

    NewstrAid was founded in 1839, counts Charles Dickens as one of its first presidents and has been providing welfare support for over 180 years. Although originally formed to support newspaper street vendors, the charity has adapted and evolved with the industry and today supports anyone who is or has been employed in the sale and distribution of newspapers and magazines in the UK.