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New members August 2021 - New Members August 2021
Last updated September 2021

Welcome new ACO members

We want to give a very warm welcome to two new ACO members who have recently joined our community.

Barnwood Trust

Barnwood Trust’s vision is to create the best possible environment in Gloucestershire for disabled people and people with mental health challenges to make the most of their lives.

The Trust was set up over 200 years ago to support people with mental health challenges living in Gloucestershire. 

Today, they help thousands of people every year, but what really sets the charity apart is their focus on building belonging across the county – recognising the contribution everyone makes to Gloucestershire.

CILEX Foundation

The CILEX Foundation exists to support members of CILEX (the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives) through a range of programmes available to members and their families, and also to broaden access to legal careers by removing some of the barriers to legal education and career progression.

The CILEX Foundation provides scholarships to aspiring students, to enable them to fund the study on CILEX courses that will unlock their future careers. The recently launched CILEX Lawyer Scholarship, provides up to £12,500 to fully cover the cost of training to become a CILEX Lawyer.

The CILEX Foundation Bursary scheme will provide opportunities for CILEX members to undertake training to progress their careers, including support with Judicial applications and specialist training in advocacy.

The CILEX Foundation also works with members who are experiencing financial hardship. In partnership with specialist advisors, the CILEX Foundation provides income maximisation and money management advice, along with financial grants.

Alongside its work on social mobility, the CILEX Foundation provides opportunities for members to use their skills and expertise to support other charitable activities and promotes pro bono activity throughout the legal sector.