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OA Helps Over 5,400 Officers

The Officers’ Association has increased support to serving and former officers developing their post-military careers, as highlighted in their latest Impact Report. The OA Employment Team provided 1,125 one-to-one career consultations and CV reviews. In addition, over 1,100 jobs were posted onto the OA Executive Jobs Board.

One officer the OA supported is Gemma Jones, who was an Acting Lieutenant Commander and is now a Military Recruiter for Amazon. She left the Royal Navy because she wanted a more flexible approach to work, especially as a mother of two young children with a husband who also serves. Gemma accessed the Executive Jobs Board, watched several webinars and had a career consultation. Gemma said: “My career consultation really helped me to improve my CV.”

Natalie Jones, Resourcing Specialist at Highways England who heads its ex-military agenda, said: “We value highly the leadership, project management and fortitude that officers can bring to Highways England. Working with the OA enables us to capitalise on their talents, and at the same time provides Service leavers with invaluable opportunities.”

Lee Holloway, Chief Executive Officer at the OA, said: “We would be unable to help officers transition into successful civilian careers without the active support of employers. Thank you to every organisation that has provided jobs, work placement and other career opportunities for officers. This includes former officers now in new careers, who assist Service leavers with taking their next career steps.”

Read Officers Association - Our Impact 2017 -2018 Source: Officers Association