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One Day Changes Lives People  - One Day Changes Lives People

One Day Changes Lives - Campaign Feedback

Our awareness campaign for ACO members took place on 22 January 2020, with stories hitting the press from the start of the week. Below is our earliest insight into how the campaign went, with more detailed analysis to follow in the coming weeks.

The week started off positively with the headline story from our press release and data from our members’ survey being featured in articles by The Guardian, The Sun and in the print edition of The Daily Express on 21 January. Articles featured a mix of mentions, comment and case studies from a range of our member charities and their spokespeople. We also featured in 20 large regional publications, on Radio City Talk in Liverpool, and in a selection of industry press where our member charities got in touch with their industry contacts about the campaign.

Prior to the campaign we also wrote blog articles about why we were doing One Day Changes Lives to promote the campaign that were featured by ACEVO, Reader’s Digest and print publications such as Charities InFocus and Carer’s UK’s Caring Magazine.

On the day itself, 22 January, ACO and its members coordinated action to make the biggest noise possible about the work benevolent funds do and how they have changed lives. It was fantastic to see all our members come together on social media to share the same message that ACO members are here to help, and enthusiastically post so many stories and examples of support throughout the entire day using the hashtag #OneDayChangesLives.

Others in the sector quickly caught the bug, and we saw other individuals and organisations outside of ACO join in.  A personal highlight was a Tweet from Charity Digital News commenting about how great our campaign and use of a hashtag was. From ACO’s Twitter account alone, we can see our Tweets on 22 January achieved 26,235 impressions on newsfeeds.  

During 22 January and soon after, mentions of ACO’s campaign and findings from our members’ survey also featured in several charity sector publications, including Third Sector, UK Fundraising, Charity Today and Civil Society News.

After the campaign, findings from our members’ survey that £216m in grants had been distributed by our member charities, along with quotes from ACO CEO Donal Watkin, featured in stories that dropped that week that there are now more foodbanks in the UK than McDonalds. This included being featured in print editions of The Times and The Daily Star on 24 January, along with additional features in 20 pieces of regional coverage.

Once the dust settles, we will be reaching out to members that participated in the campaign to survey them on the response they have had on the day itself, and in the weeks afterwards, and if they have noticed an uplift in enquiries to their charities. This will help us to do an overall evaluation of the project. Off the back of the campaign we have also been approached with some opportunities to write follow up articles about the campaign and ACO’s members.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all our members that helped and got stuck into this campaign with such gusto, the project would not have been as successful without you. We saw some fantastic content from our members as a part of the campaign, and it was fantastic to unite ACO members behind the project. 

If you have any questions about the campaign, please get in touch with

ACO's Twitter stats from 22 January 2020