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One Day Changes Lives People  - One Day Changes Lives People

One Day Changes Lives new date

Our awareness campaign for ACO members One Day Changes Lives has had a new date agreed for 22 January 2020, with press activity to commence from 20 January.

As well as marking a positive start to ACO’s calendar year, this new date will provide additional opportunities. January is associated with being a difficult time, both financially and emotionally, after Christmas. We can therefore say how ACO members are there to help people during this difficult period. In the new year, people are often looking to make a new start and seek solutions to any difficulties they have been having and may therefore be more receptive to the messages we are giving that ACO members are here to help.

Our PR agency is making some last tweaks to the press release and materials with the changes of date and messaging, and we aim to get these to those members participating during the first week of December.

However, this campaign can only be successful with your help. We need to be sharing the news that this awareness campaign is happening with as many people as possible, and be making as bigger noise as possible together on the day itself.

Ways you can help include:

  • Sending out a press release (which we will provide) to any contacts you may have in your industry or the local press.
  • Sharing on social media your own case studies which best showcase where you have helped, videos or talking about the services you provide on 22nd January using the hashtag #OneDayChangesLives. We want to be showing everyone the wide range of support our members provide, and the diverse range of people we all help. 
  • Re-tweeting and sharing content from other ACO member charities and from the @ACObenevolence account.
  • Including a mention of the campaign in your own charity newsletters. 
  • Letting us know of any opportunities to write about the campaign for blogs or publications.
  • Adding a mention of the campaign into your email signatures (or use a graphic we will soon provide members).
  • Mentioning the campaign to anyone you speak to!

For more information or to get involved please contact