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Online hate crime

A new study from disability charity Leonard Cheshire indicates an alarming rise in digital hate crime against disabled people, with a 33% increase recorded between 2016/17 and 2017/18.

The increase in reporting could indicate a rise in online hate crimes, but may also be a sign of more proactive police forces and victims willing to report them and speak up. Leonard Cheshire is calling for more support for victims of online disability hate crime across the UK and for technology giants to do more to help.

Neil Heslop, CEO of Leonard Cheshire, said: “Police are increasingly recording online offences, but we know it remains an under-reported area and that disabled people may have reservations about speaking out. We suspect many crimes remain under the radar, with survivors never getting support and perpetrators facing no consequences.”

Leonard Cheshire is now calling for global technology and media companies, such as Twitter and Facebook, to tackle online disability hate crimes and do more to protect users and victims.

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