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Veteran - Closeup of military medals worn by veteran

PM creates Office for Veterans’ Affairs

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a new Office for Veterans’ Affairs is being created ‘to provide life-long support to military personnel.’

This support will include mental and physical health, as well as education and employment assistance. Boris has commented it would "take responsibility for the full gamut of veterans' civilian lives".

It will also reportedly look at the legal pursuit of veterans, especially those who served in Northern Ireland. Johnny Mercer MP has been appointed minister for defence people and veterans, and will jointly oversee the new office. The MP for Plymouth, a veteran himself, will work alongside Oliver Dowden, a Cabinet Office minister with specific responsibility for veterans.

Speaking ahead of a visit to a military base in Scotland, the prime minister said it was "a stain on our national conscience that any veteran who has served should be abandoned by the country they have fought so courageously to protect".

He said the new office would ensure veterans get the medical treatment they require and training they need to re-enter civilian life, as well as aim to tackle "the scourge of veteran homelessness". Mr Mercer said he was "determined to reset this country's relationship with her veterans".

Mel Waters, CEO of charity Help for Heroes, commented on the announcement “Help for Heroes intends to work closely with the new Office of Veterans Affairs to ensure that it makes a positive and significant difference to the lives of veterans and their families, many of whom feel pretty let down by the current system.”

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