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PR Project gets green light!

We have selected a consultancy to work in partnership with ACO and member organisations for a campaign in 2019. The successful agency is Acceleris

We owe a great deal to members of the advisory group who helped in the selection process. The panel were excited by the ideas from Acceleris and their promise to give added value supporting ACO and our member organisations with training and of their idea for a day of action involving ACO member organisations. The ACO trustee board has agreed to the Acceleris recommendation, underwritten the initial budget and we will now enter into more detailed consultation with member organisations and negotiations with Acceleris on planning and phasing the campaign.

Their proposal is to focus on one day (#onthis day is the working title) highlighting the wide range of work undertaken by ACO members on just one day of the year – whether financial aid, practical assistance, employment support or health and wellbeing.

On the ACO side, we have commenced recruitment of a Communications Officer to act as secretariat to the ACO’s PR working group and take a proactive role, advising and contributing to this important group, liaising and working with external media and ACO PR agency to generate publicity and increase awareness of the charity through the #OnThis Day event and other promotional activities.

We will also be surveying members and updating the ”Changing for Good” report, as well as liaising with our member organisations on the “#On this day” theme and getting case studies.

For more information about Acceleris, visit their website