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Perennial launches Online Budgeting Tool

Perennial has created an online budgeting tool to help people understand their finances and manage their money better.

Perennial, the national charity that helps people who work or have worked in horticulture, has launched a new online budgeting tool.

The tool can be used from desktop computers, tablets or smartphones, and is simple to use so it does not require any technical or financial expertise. Information submitted is confidential and won’t be shared, and people can either use anonymously or register so can revisit their budget at any time.

The tool was developed in response to Perennial’s recent financial wellbeing survey of working-age people, which found 94% worried about money. Less than half of employees surveyed had a financial plan and debt was mentioned as an issue for 58% of people.

The charity is encouraging everyone to check their financial wellbeing, regardless of their financial status, to understand their financial situation and proactively manage their money.

Wendy Tozer, Debt Advice Manager at Perennial, said: “Most of the people we help require financial support of some kind and we know it is a huge contributing factor to stress and other mental health issues. Our online budgeting tool can help you understand your financial situation and suggest changes for successfully managing monthly budgets.”

Source Perennial