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Police Care UK launch Get Active Challenge

The police's charity has launched its Get Active Challenge 2020 giving 6 weeks to get active and have fun in support of Police Care UK.

The Police Officer’s charity has launched their Get Active Challenge 2020 giving 6 weeks to get active, have fun in a friendly inter-force competition and support Police Care UK.

Now more than ever, the health and wellbeing of officers and staff is paramount for serving the community. The charity is asking every member and supporter of every force across the UK to join the Get Active Challenge to get moving, feel better and help support the national Police charity.

What’s the twist? This competition is not only a great way to stay active and well, it’s also a friendly inter-force competition that will prove to be a fun competition! Challenge your force against others, compare and reward individuals, departments, organisations, regions and countries, the choice is yours! Not part of a force? No problem! You can Get Active for your local force, or pick the force that cover your favorite football team!

All activity you do counts and is tracked on national leaderboards with individual and collective mileage and fundraising targets! Run, walk, cycle, swim, online/offline classroom, weights, dog walk, treadmill, anything goes except being sedentary! When you complete your challenge you’ll get your medal! In addition, 50% of the signup fee comes to Police Care UK so we can continue providing our services to police and their families.

Source: Police Care UK