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Pop Punk Pile Up

Help Musicians UK (HMUK) is partnering with Pile Up Festival. Pile Up is holding the first pop punk edition of the festival, Pop Punk Pile Up for 2018, in association with RFF Promotions and Thumbhole Records.

The two festivals will be showcasing the best in emerging Pop Punk, Rock and Metal talent alongside long-established headliners and will be taking place across two weekends on 27th-29th April and 22nd-24th June.

HMUK will be flying the banner of #MusicMindsMatter across both weekends, putting word of our free mental health support line and service out to musicians and music fans who may be in need of support with information available on site.

Adam Ruane, organiser of Pop Punk Pile Up and Pile Up said of the partnership: "We have a strong history of supporting causes and charities close to our hearts and Help Musicians UK is right up there for us. Right now, mental health has been propelled into the spotlight due to Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington as well as the tragic loss of George Christie most recently so now is the time to make a difference and let people know that HMUK are here and they are ready to help!"

In partnering with Pile Up and Pop Punk Pile Up 2018, HMUK is striving to reach a wider audience of musicians and genres, reaching further towards our aims of making sure that our support and services are available to musicians at different stages of their careers and of varying genres and across the UK.

For information about the event, visit the Pile Up Festival website. Source: Help Musicians UK