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Last updated February 2021

Is your organisation preparing to reoccupy your premises post-lockdown?

To help you in your preparations, Troy Johnson, Development Director at Griffiths & Armour, offers guidance for businesses to ensure a safe return to the workplace in this webinar. Download the slides and view a recording of this webinar below.

6 Key Areas a business should consider for Return To Work
  1. The Workplace
  2. Working Practices
  3. Colleague Considerations
  4. Cleaning and hygiene
  5. Protective equipment
  6. Documentation
Troy will provide insights into each of these areas from an operational risk perspective as well as offering the opportunity for attendees to ask questions.


Icon Testing for Covid-19 in the workplace


Resource on testing for Covid-19 in the workplace

Icon Returning to the workplace


PowerPoint slides from Griffiths & Armour's webinar on preparing to reoccupy your premises.

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