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Probate applications move online

The service enables people to apply, pay and swear a statement of truth online – saving time and offering convenience to those dealing with bereavement.

It also means that, for most people, a visit to a probate registry or solicitor’s office is no longer needed, speeding up the process while making it more straightforward and efficient.

HM Courts & Tribunals Service will add more features in time, including the ability to apply if the deceased did not leave a will. Feedback is encouraged and changes and improvements will be made where needed.

The service can be used if the deceased was a permanent resident in England or Wales, if the applicant has the original will and is named as an executor, and for up to four joint applicants.

Anyone who struggles to use the online service can access face-to-face support with The Good Things Foundation.

The paper form remains available to anyone who wishes to use it, and this too has been simplified.

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