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RCN Foundation partner on nursing research project

The Royal College of Nursing Foundation has partnered with Same You, a charity dedicated to increasing access to rehabilitation services after brain injury or stroke in young people, on the nursing-led research project.

The RCN Foundation has awarded funding to a unique research project that will explore and analyse the diverse experiences and unmet needs of young adults recovering from an acquired brain injury (ABI) or stroke.

This research project is the first phase of the development of a pioneering neurorehabilitation education programme developed in partnership with brain injury charity SameYou, which will be rolled out later in 2020. The education programme will enhance nurses’ skills and knowledge of neurological rehabilitation in order to support patients’ mental, physical, and cognitive needs.

The Foundation has awarded a research grant of £50,000 to a collaboration led by the University of Edinburgh. The consortium spans the four UK countries and is comprised of the University of Edinburgh, Cardiff University, Aneurin Bevan Health Board (Wales), King’s College London, St George’s University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (London), Queen’s University Belfast, and Western Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland.

The research study, entitled, ‘Young Adult’s Rehabilitation experiences and Needs following cerebral vascular accident – a Scoping study (YARNS)’ will study the range of experiences of young adults (aged 18 – 40 years) through their own stories, published literature, and in relation to the formal and informal services available to support them.

There is little known about the needs of young adults recovering from brain injury, which can lead to physical and behavioural changes, and affect a patient’s work, social, and family life. In order to identify areas of need and good practice, the project will compare patient journeys to what is already known about stroke and its effects, as well as analyse the support that people receive and what is available throughout the UK.

The RCN Foundation aims to support and strengthen the nursing profession to improve the health and well-being of the public. A key priority for the Foundation is to invest in the future of nursing through research and education grants.

Deepa Korea, RCN Foundation Director, says of the scoping project: “A brain injury or stroke can have lifelong and sometimes hidden effects on a young person, and can impact on their personal, social and professional lives. We really do not know enough about the unmet needs of this demographic recovering from brain injury or stroke.

“That is why the RCN Foundation, working together with the charity SameYou, is so pleased to have awarded funding to this important UK-wide research collaboration in order to comprehensively explore the lived experiences of young people recovering from stroke. The outputs from the research will ultimately make a tangible difference to the care that patients recovering from an ABI or stroke receive.”

Source: RCN Foundation