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Racing Livestyle - Racing Livestyle

Racing Welfare launch Instagram live series

Racing Livestyle is designed to enhance life skills and the sessions will be offering expertise in cooking, wellbeing, exercise, managing your finances and enhancing your communication skills.

The series kicked off on Monday 22nd June with a live cook-a-long event on Racing Welfare’s Instagram page.  Lambourn chef Jake Quintin (@quintin_catering) took the reins in the company of host Sophia Monkman as the pair guided viewers on how to create a fresh meal from scratch in just 20 minutes.  The full recipe, equipment list and what you needed to prepare in advance was shared across Racing Welfare’s social media accounts in the lead up to the event.

The aim of the series is to help people learn new skills and to get involved in a fun, healthy and interesting initiative in the company of experts.  Throughout each event there will be the opportunity to interact and ask questions to the hosts to maximise the experience of the viewer.

To watch Racing LiveStyle follow @racingwelfare on Instagram. The campaign hashtag is #RacingLiveStyle.

Source: Racing Welfare