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Racing Welfare launch mental health report

Racing Welfare published the findings of their year-long mental health research project ‘A lifestyle rather than a job': a review and recommendations on mental health support within the British horseracing industry. ACO attended their report launch event at Royal Windsor Racecourse on 13th May.

The industry-wide research was conducted from January 2018 to February 2019 by Liverpool John Moores University, in association with Racing Welfare and The Racing Foundation.  The report, showing the relationship between racing and mental health, was presented at Royal Windsor Racecourse on Monday 13th May to coincide with the start of Mental Health Awareness Week.

The research aimed to determine how widespread issues of mental health in the horseracing profession were. A broad range of individuals from across the racing profession were surveyed to obtain their findings, from jockeys to trainers, to those who work behind the scenes. The report demonstrated a wide breath of issues which lead to those in the racing industry suffering from poor mental health, and made several recommendations. Racing Welfare is hoping to use the results to help them further develop their mental health services.  

Dawn Goodfellow, Chief Executive of Racing Welfare, said “The driver for the study was to establish an objective picture of the mental health of people working in different sectors of the industry, not because we thought that racing necessarily had a problem with mental health.  It is clear from the findings that there are issues to be addressed, however, and the information outlined in the report offers guidance on the next steps, in order to make a tangible difference to the lives of participants from each of the different sectors.”

Source: Racing Welfare