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National Rail have updated their Railcard schemes, providing more generous allowances in some cases, and introducing the 16-17 Railcard and the 'Millennial Card' for 26-30 year olds.

For 16-to-17-year-olds

Currently, this age group is covered by the 16-to-25 railcard but from September, they will also be eligible for a new, more generous discount. The 16-to-17 railcard will entitle holders to a 50% discount on season tickets, peak, off-peak and advance fares. It is not yet known how much users will have to pay for the card, but it is expected to be around £30. The government says it will announce more details in the summer.

The 16-to-25-year-old Young Person's card

The existing card offers one-third off many fares, including off-peak and anytime tickets, for anyone in the age group or in full-time education. However, there is a minimum fare of £12 for journeys that start before 10:00 on weekdays except in July or August, when students are on holiday. It costs £30 a year or £70 for three years. The government says the average annual saving for such cardholders is £192 a year. The card is available either as a physical document, or as a phone app.

The 26-to-30 Millennial cards

For a £30 fee, the new railcard will offer similar benefits to the Young person's 16-to-25 railcard. Journeys starting before 10:00 will carry a minimum fare of £12. But unlike the card for younger passengers, that minimum fare will also apply on weekdays throughout July and August. There will be no fare reductions on season tickets or Eurostar services. The government calculates that the average passenger in this age group can save £125 a year by having a railcard. This is a digital-only card, so it needs to be stored on a mobile phone.

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