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Record-breaking year for the Grand Prix Trust

The Grand Prix Trust assisted more clients than ever during 2018, by means of financial help and signposting. They have been able to assist with a wide variety of matters including medical needs, redundancy, household items and respite. Here is one example:

Mr X had never needed to seriously worry about his health or income but all that changed after a catastrophic back injury left him unable to work on the race team. He approached the Trust as he required surgery and he asked for a second opinion by one of our Trustees, Consultant Neurological and Spinal Surgeon, Peter Hamlyn, before going ahead with this. The Trust arranged this and it was agreed that surgery was the best way forward.  

Mr X had been working in F1 for nearly 13 years, most recently as a contractor, and as he had a young family to support, the Trust was happy to step in and assist him during his time of recovery.

He said of the Trust “You all do an amazing job and I cannot thank you enough. This will take an enormous pressure away from me. I cannot wait to get back to doing my job properly after my surgery. During this difficult period, the Grand Prix Trust helped me to get much needed scans and advice about the surgery I needed. I felt like they really wanted to help me. Joining the Trust was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Mr X hopes to return to full fitness following his surgery.

The Trust also reached out to a record number of members, which resulted in the membership figures doubling. The Trust will continue to visit the F1 Teams, as well as the supply chain, to raise awareness of the Trust’s support services. Regular regional meetings help to keep the F1 family in touch with each other, and provide the opportunity to see first-hand what help the Trust can offer.