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Fraud  - Fraud
Last updated June 2020

Charity Fraud Resources

Free resources for charities looking to tackle fraud within their charities.

The Charity Fraud Awareness Hub contains free helpsheets, webinars, practical tutorials and other resources all to do with charity fraud. They have also recently posted a free webinar with the Fraud Advisory Panel and Charity Commission about keeping safe from fraud during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Fraud Advisory Panel has a resource centre available to help charities improve awareness and resilience to protect against fraud and cybercrime. 

The Fraud Advisory Panel and Charity Commission also produced a guide for charities 'Tackling Charity Fraud: Prevention is better than Cure'

The Charity Finance Group produced The Small Charities Guide to Preventing Fraud which can be downloaded from their website. 

The Charity Commission has a page on protecting your charity from fraud and cyber crime, which includes templates for creating anti-fraud policies for your charity.

Get Safe Online has some top tips for charities on how to protect their charities from fraud. 

At our Grant Making Forum in February 2020 we had Bob Browell, Counter Fraud Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support, come to present about how their charity protects themselves against fraud. The presentation from this event can be downloaded Here