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retailTRUST partners with Ufi Charitable Trust

Ufi Charitable Trust is investing £50,000 through its VocTech Seed capital fund to develop one of the first major digital vocational learning initiatives in retail. The funding will help retailTRUST to ensure that the retail sector is future proofed, with a highly skilled and adaptive workforce while the industry experiences an unprecedented pace of change.

They will work closely with retailers to enhance the skills of their employees and support individuals who have recently been made redundant from the sector. All learning and vocational training will be delivered digitally, and aligned to accredited qualifications as well as jobs and apprenticeships available within retail.

Amy Prendergast, Head of People and Vocational Learning Services at retailTRUST, said: “Our innovative approach will help us to reach thousands of individuals to improve their skills and vocational qualifications. The first digital initiative of its kind that focuses on retail, allowing greater accessibility to learning and qualifications, will reduce redundancies as well as promote retail as a career of choice in the digital age.”

Source: retailTRUST