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Ronnie’s story

Ronnie McCaul, a claims assessor with The Insurance Charities, recounts his experience of the work and why it is so rewarding.

“I had always been aware of the Insurance Charities during my years working in the Insurance industry, without having any direct involvement. After I retired, a former colleague who had become the local president asked me if I could be the local visitor representative. I was pleased to do so as it gave me an opportunity to give something back to the industry.

“The volunteer work is very fulfilling, you meet people who, through a number of different reasons, it could be health deterioration, domestic situations or sudden financial problems, need the help of the Charity. The people you meet are often in very difficult situations and they appreciate the help they are given, and it is sometimes this help that allows them to get their lives back into a more stable and secure footing.

“We all go through times in our lives when things might not go to plan; however, we generally work through the difficulties and get back to normal. Whilst volunteering for the charity I have found that people who have worked in many different areas of the Insurance Industry, they could have been a general administrator or even had owned their own business, can get into such seriously difficult situations that they need the help of the Charity. I think the main point I have learned since volunteering is that situations can change for any of us and that the Charity can make a vital difference to individual’s lives.

“Being a volunteer for the Charity is something I would recommend for anyone who wants to give help to people in the industry. The Charity does a very important job and it does need to get the message out that it is there to help.

“If you are going to get involved with the charity you have, in my opinion, to be patient and listen to the issues that the claimants might have and in no way be judgemental, and ultimately I am sure you would find volunteering fulfilling.”

Source: The Insurance Charities