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Last updated March 2021

Ruffer LLP

Investment Management Company

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At Ruffer, we have a distinctive approach to investing which we believe is well suited to the needs and goals of charities and their trustees. We focus on delivering ‘all weather’ investment returns and protecting and growing the value of our client’s assets throughout the market cycle. We manage a fund specifically for charities, the Charity Assets Trust. The fund incorporates a responsible investment policy, follows a proactive voting and engagement approach with companies held within the fund. The fund is monitored against UN Global Compact principles, MSCI’s ESG Metrics and the managers also monitor the fund’s carbon metrics. Minimum investment £500.

Ruffer LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


80 Victoria Street London SW1E 5JL

020 7963 8110

Chris Querée – Investment Director, Head of Charities –

Jenny Renton – Investment Director –