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Smallwood Trust - The Smallwood Trust logo and an image of a smiling mother with her young child
Last updated September 2021

Smallwood Trust appoint Board member shadowees

The Smallwood Trust has announced that the three successful candidates who will shadow our new Board member Ambreen Shah are Saira Shahzadi, Shana Begum and Ciiku Sondergaard.

The shadowees will get the opportunity to be involved in Smallwood board meetings, access briefings and, with Ambreen, gain valuable insights into what being a Board member really entails.

The initiative demonstrates Smallwood’s commitment to exploring new ways to help bring equality, diversity and inclusion into all of our work to support our goal of ending gendered poverty.

Paul Carbury, Chief Executive of the Smallwood Trust, added: “Saira, Shana and Ciiku really impressed us with their passion, fresh perspectives, skills and experience - they all would undoubtedly be an asset to any trustee board. As a funder we have as much to learn from them as they do from the programme and we look forward to learning together in the coming months.”

Source: Smallwood Trust